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An introduction to leather for jewellery making

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Leather has always been a favourite material for fashion creations, both for manufacturers and consumers. Clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry and many more creations are made of leather, either genuine or synthetic. It is considered as one of the most high quality materials, renowned for its longevity and elegance, and therefore many people prefer to buy leather products. Of course, shoes, bags and belts are always at the top of the list in people’s preferences, however jewelry has also gained a great number of admirers. Consumers have a big variety to choose from, while many creators, professional and amateurs, create their own jewelry. If you are one of them and you want to learn more about the use of leather for jewelry making, this article is the best introduction for you.

Leather is a great material for jewelry making. It is suitable for beginners, as it is durable, easy to handle, flexible and versatile. With leather, anybody can create beautiful jewelry, even if he has never created one before. Some leather cord, a few beads and inspiration is all that is needed. In the market, there is a huge variety of leather cords, sheets and decoratives in different sizes, colours and textures. Being available in almost every DIY store, there is no chance that anyone won’t find exactly what he needs to make his own creations. Furthermore, unlike what most people believe, leather isn’t expensive. The price range is wide and it depends on the quality and the type of the leather. You can find high quality leather at reasonable prices, while faux leather is always a good and affordable alternative.

Leather cords are the most common type used for handmade jewelry. Based on what you want to create, you can choose among round, flat, braided, oval or suede leather in the appropriate size. Round cords are perfect for threading beads onto, for macrames and multi-strand bracelets as well as for elegant pendant necklaces. The thick round cords are suitable for fashionable, edgy creations, where leather is the hero. For braided jewelry, you should use thin flat leather, while the thicker ones fit for chokers and cuff bracelets. Of course, ready-made braided leather is also available in the market, so if you don’t want to mix different colours and create a custom braid, think about buying braided leather for jewelry making to avoid spending extra time. For a touch of bohemian style, it will be a wonderful idea to combine braided leather with large holed beads.

Oval leather is a quite rare type, although it is really beautiful. For this reason, if you intend to fill the cord with beads, it is better to choose a simple round cord rather than an oval. Oval cords don’t need beads or charms to look elegant, so we recommend you to use them for simple bracelets or necklaces. Moreover, professionals have at their disposal one more type; leather in sheets, which they can cut with the appropriate tools and create every shape they can imagine. Apart from these, there is a wide variety of ready-made leather decoratives, such as tassels, flowers and ribbons, which will upgrade your creations.

When you use leather to create jewelry, the options and the possibilities are endless. All these different types, sizes, colours and textures can be combined to create unique and stylish jewelry totally adapted to your personal style. Try to add leather to your creations and leather jewelry to your daily outfits and we guarantee that you will love it!