About us

“As a premier manufacturer, we stand at the forefront of the leather goods industry, specializing in the artistry of handcrafted leather accessories. Our reputation is built on a foundation of exceptional skill, attention to detail, and a commitment to timeless quality. “

Crafting Elegance, Tailoring Perfection For Leather Lovers

Intermode is the epitome of sartorial innovation, where creativity merges with unique design and uncompromising quality. Our collection of handmade leather accessories is a canvas for your imagination, offering the flexibility to realize your bespoke designs or to select from our range of contemporary, trendsetting creations.

What we do

“At Intermode, our expertise lies in producing an extensive collection of leather and synthetic leather accessories, masterfully crafted to complement footwear, handbags, garments, and jewelry. Our bespoke production capabilities are engineered to accommodate an infinite spectrum of design preferences, available in an exquisite assortment of materials and hues.

We are the trusted partner to fashion designers, manufacturers, and industry connoisseurs, providing them with wholesale leather goods that epitomize luxury and distinction. Our offerings are not just products but pivotal elements that elevate the allure and individuality of each design they grace. Through our dedication to craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence, we ensure that our clients’ creations are not only seen but remembered.”

Who we are

“Pioneers of Leather  Craftsmanship since 1973. Intermode stands as an archetype of leather excellence, rooted in a rich legacy that began in 1973 with a visionary Greek family in Athens. Our journey, fueled by fervent dedication and an innovative spirit, has seen us rise to prominence in the Greek market and now, we extend our reach globally, solidifying our position as one of the leading leather goods manufacturers from Greece.

Our ascendancy is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation; a journey that led us to engineer bespoke machinery and establish a versatile production line. This advancement empowers us to forge unparalleled, high-caliber leather products that set the standard in both innovation and quality.

Our ethos is woven into the very fabric of our operation. We commit to ensuring that each of our clients — discerning fashion designers and manufacturers around the globe — benefit from our exceptional service, advanced production methodologies, and the artisanal leather craftsmanship that is the hallmark of the Intermode name.”

Our expertise

At Intermode, we excel in a comprehensive, vertically-integrated approach to design and manufacturing a variety of fine leather goods. Specializing in an array of leather products from elegant small leather items, sophisticated leather elements for bags, and bespoke leather goods to premium watch leather straps, distinctive patches & leather labels, and refined strap leather goods, we cater to leather brands seeking a high-caliber leather supplier that embodies professional excellence.

Our clients